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Customer Service Attitude

We debated whether or not having a positive customer service attitude provides a service.  After all it’s not really something you could charge for, and it certainly isn’t something tangible.  But as we continued to go back and forth on this, we kept coming back to the definition of service, “Something done by a person or group of people that results in others realizing a benefit.”  Does doing our work with a great attitude provide a benefit?  We say YES! 

I’m sure you agree that providing good customer service involves many things.  It takes competent people, it takes having the right tools and equipment, and it takes efficient information systems.  And certainly there are choices to make in all of these that in may cases rely on others to make.  But customer service attitude is different…it’s an individual choice that everyone has the ability to make.  And at W.A. Roosevelt if someone can’t make the choice to have a positive attitude, they simply can’t be part of our organization…period. 

Look, in today’s world of all kinds of technology gadgets that people use to “do business” or “talk to people”, the reality is that a great deal of it really boils down to working with people that are helpful, friendly, and appreciative of your business.  Yes having all the other bells and whistles is nice, and can even offer benefits that weren’t there if you didn’t have them, but did you ever have a customer service experience where you wondered, perhaps even aloud, why on earth is this person involved with people and what kind of business would hire someone like that?  It leaves a bad taste in your mouth doesn’t it?  And certainly makes it less likely you‘ll go there again. 

One element of our value statement says, “…we’ll do this through clear expression of appreciation, compassion, enjoyment…”   As we continually remind our new people and those already with us, we absolutely do not want our customers, or prospective customers, having to guess how we feel about their business.  You have to choose a positive attitude, and the customer needs to know that you’ve chosen it. 

So at the end of all this rhetoric, what’s the point?  The point is people at W.A. Roosevelt are more helpful and friendly.  We work harder to make sure things are done right.  And we genuinely appreciate our customers’ business more…and it shows.